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Volunteer Information

District Volunteer Information

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Help Strengthen Our Community's Foundation

The Gresham-Barlow School District welcomes and appreciates volunteer efforts, no matter how big or small. With your help, our students' education is enhanced. If a child can experience success at school, they will be better prepared to tackle life's challenges and contribute back to our community. We invite you to volunteer in our schools and programs, and we hope you enjoy and grow from the volunteer experience.

Visit the District Volunteer Info page for more information

Thank you to all our volunteers! The number of people and hours donated can be tracked and counted, but their compassion, dedication, and eagerness to help strengthen our community's foundation can never be measured. You do make a difference!

School Volunteer Information

This year we will be fundraising through Evergreen Fundraising. This is the only fundraiser we will coordinate as a school. While it is often difficult to get motivated for fundraising, this is a great opportunity for the students, staff, and community. The money that we earn goes directly to our students. Last year, fundraising dollars helped support each team to purchase key supplies for projects, field trips, and an updated 37 seat computer lab.

This year we are hoping to earn even more money to replace all of our computers in the media center or purchase a new iPad lab for student use.  It is critical that we provide our students with more up-to-date technology to better prepare them for their high school experience.

Thanks for all of your support and we hope to make this year more successful than ever.